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Why Do Your Cake Molds Need To Be Replaced Frequently?
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Obviously everyone bought the same mold, why can others use it for at least two or three years, but you can't use it for 2 months? The life of the molds is so short, this can't completely blame the poor quality of the molds, maybe you don't understand "maintenance" them.


If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools. The mold is a must-have weapon for baking. If you want to make a delicious and good-looking cake, you have to carefully select the right mold and clean it in the right way to extend the mold. life.

Common baking molds are made of silicone, ceramic, glass, and metal molds, while metal is the most widely used.

Metal has the characteristics of strong thermal conductivity and easy forming, and it is also used most frequently in baking. Metal molds are divided into many types, mainly iron, copper, aluminum alloy, aluminum-plated steel (weathering steel), stainless steel and so on.

Regardless of the material of the mold, if you want to extend their life, pay special attention to maintenance. It should be cleaned in time after each use, and the food residue stays on the surface of the mold for a long time, leaving traces of use that are difficult to clean. Never use a hard tool such as a steel ball to clean the surface of the mold. Remember to use padding paper for baking paper. Don't be lazy with this grease. This is not only convenient for demoulding, but also the best way to extend the life of the mold.