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Tips For Working With The Pans You Already Have
- Sep 11, 2018 -

If you think you have the wrong pans, consider modifying the baking temperature not Instead of buying new pans .


If you are using darker pans, you may have to drop the temperature on your oven by 25ºF so you can be sure that your baked goods won't heat up and brown too quickly, especially on the bottom. This is very important if you are baking sheet cakes and American-style cookies . Consider using a silicone baking mat, which will help minimize browning of baked goods baked on darker baking sheets.

If you only have light-colored pans and your recipe calls for a dark sheet pan, set the oven 25ºF higher than the recommended baking temperature in the recipe. This will help your recipe bake in the same amount of time and also help your baked goods and your roasted veggies brown more.