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The Meaning Of Sending A Cup
- Jul 03, 2018 -

What is the meaning of sending a cup in China? Specifically depends on the objects sent, such as: boys to send girls, girls to send boys, send teachers, send friends, etc., the meaning is different.

(1) Boys and girls send cups meaning:

Because "cup" is the same as "generation", "a cup" has the meaning of "one lifetime." Therefore, sending a cup between boys and girls means that the two people have a good relationship with each other. The boy is willing to accompany her for a lifetime, and there is a hint of admiration and pursuit. A girl who sends a boy's cup or accepts his cup represents a willingness to stay with the boy for a lifetime.

The meaning of sending a cup

(2)Send teacher cup:

"Cup" and "generation" are the same voice, sending "generation" to people who are longer than themselves, especially to send a teacher, which can reflect the respect of the teacher and the profound meaning. Explain that the teacher is a charcoal fire in the eyes of the students in the eyes of the students. It is a thick umbrella in the heat, a stepping stone in the turbulence, and a beacon light in the fog. When you send the teacher's cup, you must bring a greeting, which can reflect the deep feelings, and the care of the heart will always be remembered.

(3)send cups between relatives, classmates, friends, customers:

In addition to being very practical, the cup has a more special meaning. The deep love of the cup reflects your deep friendship with each other! If you receive a "friend" cup, then on behalf of others, you will be treated as a friend of your life.

To send a cup is to refer to the following message:

1. Send you a cup to accompany you for a lifetime.

2, the happiness of a lifetime of happiness!