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The Choice Of Kitchen Supplies
- Apr 17, 2018 -

One of the general trends in kitchen equipment is the increase in stainless steel supplies. Compared with traditional aluminum products, iron products and enamel products, it has many advantages:

1. Aluminum products are easily oxidized and corroded, iron tends to rust, and enamel products corrode. Stainless steel products are not oxidized and corrosion-resistant.

2. The strength of aluminum is low, while the enamel is hard to touch, but it is easy to go. Although the enamel product is hard but brittle, it is the same as the primary collision, and the stainless steel products are not afraid of collision.

3. Aluminum products are easy to absorb the object, beneficial bacteria grass, and black after oxidation, difficult to wipe, affecting the appearance, and stainless steel due to the texture of a firm, good finish, little attachment, is conducive to health.

4. From the impact on the human body, some people in foreign countries refer to aluminum cookers as "the thief who steals life." They believe that if the human body's aluminum content exceeds 50-150 mg, it will cause premature aging.