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The Advantages Of Tritan, Hurry To Learn!
- Aug 06, 2018 -

 1). BPA free

Tritan? has no BPA in the polymerization process and does not release BPA during use, meeting environmental requirements and the FDA.

2). Clear and transparent

Light transmittance >90%, haze <1%, crystal-like luster.

3). Excellent impact strength

The unnotched impact is constant, and the notched impact strength is between 650-980J/m due to the different grades, which is comparable to the impact strength of the US PC.

4). Excellent resistance to hydrolysis and hydrolysis

Tritan? is resistant to corrosion by detergents, detergents, hydrocarbon solvents, oils, perfumes, etc.; it is resistant to hydrolysis in hot, humid environments.

5). High temperature resistance

The low pressure heat distortion temperature (HDT @ 0.455MPa) is between 94 °C and 109 °C depending on the grade.

6). Good mobility

The test conditions are 2.16 kgf pressure and 280 ° C melt temperature. The melt index (MI) is between 15.3 and 29.5 depending on the grade.

7). Easy molding processing

Tritan® grades can be processed by injection molding, extrusion, extrusion (EBM), and injection blow molding (ISBM). In general, molds that can be produced normally using PCs can be produced with Tritan® without modification, and the production cycle times are very close.

8). Easy secondary processing

Tritan? Suitable secondary processing methods include: UV glue bonding, ultrasonic welding, surface printing, surface vacuum plating, etc.

9). Small residual stress of the product

After injection molding, the residual stress of the product is smaller than that of PC, and no subsequent annealing is required. Trital® products are more durable because they have less chance of cracking due to residual stress during use.