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How To Deal With Rusty Cake Pan
- Sep 15, 2018 -

Maybe that’s your favorite pan that bakes perfectly every time, but you absolutely should not bake with rusted pans or damaged non-stick pans.

 bacteria likes rust – think about tetanus!

Also, non-stick or coated pans use chemicals that can end up in your food when the surface is compromised by rust.

You can remove small amounts of iron rust from non-coated pans with a scourer and baking soda (or even sandpaper) but never-ever-ever from non-stick pans. Once non-stick pans start to rust and peel you HAVE to get rid of them.

To avoid new pans rusting try these tips:

don’t put your pans in the dishwasher

wash and dry your pans thoroughly but gently – scratches on pans lead to rust

don’t allow knives or other metal utensils to scratch the surface of your pans (again, scratches on pans lead to rust)

put towel-dried pans into a warm oven to completely dry out .

season your pans by wiping them with vegetable oil before storing (not olive oil as it’s too acidic)

to completely avoid the rust issue, you can forgo metal pans altogether in favor of glass or silicon bakeware.You can pay attention to maintenance,choose a cost-effective baking tray.

If you’ve got rusty or damaged cake pans it’s really time to get some new ones.


Baking with rusted or peeling bakeware is simply not worth the risk to you, your family and friends’ health.