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How To Choose Stainless Steel Cups?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

1, the heat preservation of the cup

   The price of the mug is not the same, and the price is one point. The thermos cup is divided into a tailless vacuum cup and a tailed vacuum cup. The tailless vacuum flask is considered to be a true insulation cup, which has a long holding time and a long heat preservation life, because his process is more demanding than a tailed vacuum cup.

 2. Thickness of steel and steel for cups

         The cups are made of stainless steel, but the stainless steel is divided into 201, 202, 304. 202, 304 are never rusted, 304 stainless steel is acid and alkali resistant, used to make the cup liner; 202 stainless steel Used to make the outer shell of the cup. High-end cups are made of these two steels. The cup liner is almost 202 stainless steel, and the outer skin is made of 201 stainless steel. In order to prevent the 201 stainless steel from rusting in the air, a layer of paint is sprayed on the outside. The difference between inside and outside is 201. After a period of use, the bottom of the cup will rust. The thicker the cup, the better the quality of the cup. The thinner the steel, the worse the quality of the cup. The weight of the cup is an important indicator for judging the thickness of the steel used in the cup, but some speculative traders will be able to build cement and sand at the bottom of the cup in order to prevent the cup from being broken. So how do you accurately observe the thickness of the steel used in the cup? Mainly depends on whether the outer edge of the cup lid is handy. If the steel is too thin, the outer edge of the touch cup lid will be like a knife, and the steel thickness will be round and smooth, and the thickness will be about 0.45mm.

 3, the plastic inside the lid

The cup stopper in the cup lid is the only plastic product in the cup. The good plastic cup stopper is made of food grade PC material, which is safe and non-toxic, while the plastic plug of some cups contains ABS secondary material, which is harmful to human body. . How to judge it, relying on the sound, the sound of PC material is crisp, and the sound of ABS is chaotic.

 4. The core of the health cup. The main part of the health cup is different from the ordinary water cup. It is the live water treasure in the cup (micro-electrolysis water control device). The water-based water makes the micro-electrolysis produce weak alkaline water, and the inferior health cup is weakened by adding alkaline substances such as baking soda mixture. Alkaline water, the two are incomparable. Good living water treasure has good stability and does not increase in alkalinity like alkaline substances with time. He starts to stabilize after reaching a certain value. After 10 hours of standing, the pH of the water is 7.5. Good live water treasure has good reductive properties and long service life.

5. Painting of the cup

It mainly depends on whether the upper and lower extensions of the painted part of the cup are uniform, and whether there are protruding small points on the wall of the cup. Before the cup is painted, the cup should be polished, and then the dust and small dross on the wall of the cup should be removed, so that there will be no small protrusions on the wall of the cup after painting (note: some cups have small protrusions and small bubbles generated in the paint) . The cup factory usually puts a holster on the bottom and top of the painting site. The holster is straight, so that it will not be sprayed outside the holster when painting, and the upper and lower lacquers are neat and uniform.

    6. Labeling of the cup

In the middle of some cups, a metal sign will be attached. Some signs are easy to fall and some are firm. This is because the thickness of these labels is different from the process of the labeling, and the thinner the mark, the easier it is to fall off.