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How To Choose A Good Quality Non-stick Cake Mold
- Sep 26, 2018 -

1. Cheap, not good, good goods are not cheap.

A good product, the price is relatively high compared to the inferior product, the price is particularly cheap in the sea of goods. Then you have to polish your eyes, because it is often a small profit that will lead to big losses.

2. Look at the two touches

Look, as the name implies, use the naked eye to see if the coating has fallen off. If the coated product is definitely not used, you can also see if the product itself is bright and the good coating looks fine and even.

Touching is to use the touch. Check if the mold itself has rough particles and whether the edge has been cut. If you have a cutting hand, you can never use it.

It is said that many inferior coatings are doped with other harmful components. It has a pungent odor and can be judged as soon as it is smelled.

3. Baige test

Use the hundred-knife (or knife) on the surface of the paint swatch (or product), and draw 11 lines in the vertical and horizontal directions. The length of the scribe line is about 20MM, and the depth is to break the paint layer. Use a brush to remove the lacquer powder or filament from the edge of the scribe line. Prepare 3M tape (model 610#) with a length of approximately 75mm. Place one end of the 3M tape from the top edge of the grid to the top of the grid, then gently touch it with your fingers to ensure that there are no residual bubbles between the tape and the swatch (or product). 2.6 Repeat the above test twice in the other planes of the swatch (or product). After flattening, wait 90 ± 30 seconds, then press the swatch (or product) with your left hand, pinch the free end of the tape with your right hand, and quickly remove the 3M tape by about 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Use a magnifying glass to carefully check the peeling of the coating on the 100 grid. If the peeling area of the coating is less than 5%, it is judged that the adhesion is acceptable, otherwise it is unqualified.

2. Note:

When scribe, the knives must be perpendicular to the swatch (or product surface), and the depth should be used to break the lacquer layer.

3. Judging criteria:

For each test, if the peeling area of the coating was less than 5%, the adhesion was judged to be acceptable, otherwise it was unacceptable.