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How Do You Master The Time And Temperature Of Baking A Cake?
- Sep 22, 2018 -
  1. Baking cakes should be based on the size of the cake to determine the temperature and time, small cakes use high temperature and short baking time; large and thick cakes use low temperature and long baking time.


2. The weight of the cake baked in the model is less than 100g. It needs to be baked at 200°C for 12 ∼ 18 minutes, and the same size for the upper and lower fires. If the weight is above 100g ∼ 450g, it should be baked at 180°C for 18 minutes and 40 minutes. Large; weight more than 450g ∼ 1kg or so, use 170 ° C to bake 40 ∼ for about 1 hour, the fire is bigger than the fire.

3. Use the flat baking pan cake, use the fire to bake, the fire is extremely small, as long as the bottom of the cake can produce color, about 180 ∼ 200 ° C, about 120 ° C under fire, time 15 ∼ 20 Minutes or so.

4. Generally speaking, low temperature means between 160 ° C and 170 ° C, high temperature is between 190 ° C and 232 ° C; normal temperature means between 171 ° C and 190 ° C.

5. Cream and light cream cakes are applied at high temperature for baking; heavy cream and hurricane are used for baking at room temperature; fruit cakes and large cakes are baked at low temperature.

Note: If the baking temperature is lower than the temperature, the baked cake tends to be flat and sticky at the top, shrinking around the center, the inside of the baking tray contains the adhesive batter, and the internal structure is very soft. If the baking temperature is higher than the temperature, the center of the cake rises upwards, the top is broken, and the outer edge of the cake shrinks inward from the baking tray, but the inside of the baking tray is smooth and clean without the batter sticking to it, and the internal structure is relatively tight. If the cake is not cooked, there will be a layer of sticky batter on the top of the skin. If the bottom layer of the cake has such a sticky batter or water line near the bottom, the amount of water in the formula is too much, or the primer is not enough. When mixing, it is not possible to mix the grease in the formula evenly.