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Difference Between Toast With And Without Cover
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Only the shape of the finished product is different, one cut surface is a regular rectangle (strictly speaking, trapezoidal), and one cut surface is a trapezoid-like trapezoid.


The subtle differences are:

Toast with lid is more common in European and American style toast. The simple staple food toast is mostly frozen and then sliced. After the driver needs to reheat, add butter jam to eat or make sandwiches. Therefore, it is relatively strong, contains less oil, and has no treatment on the surface. It can be machined all the way.

Uncovered toast is more common in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Japanese and Korean fancy toast, shredded, crispy, crispy, mainly sweet, many are stuffed, with surface decoration, suitable for direct use, soft hair It is obviously used for snacks. It requires considerable manual operation. The surface should basically be brushed with egg liquid or sauce.

When using the mold, the best applicable weight: with lid toast for 25% of the mold water, without lid toast for 28% of the mold water content