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Carbon Steel And Aluminum Alloy Which Is Suitable For Cake Mould
- Sep 08, 2018 -

1. Carbon steel is a carbon-iron alloy, which has the advantages of strong hardness, easy smelting, affordable price, excellent process performance (suitable for seamless welding), not easy to hide, and durable (the service life is four times that of ordinary baking tray). It is treated by special process. The non-stick coating does not contain toxic substances, and it is not damaged by rust and meets the sanitary standards.

2. Aluminum alloy, good heat transfer, but may cause people to consume excessive amounts of aluminum ions, which can cause Alzheimer's disease.

There is also a situation in which aluminum ions are precipitated, that is, sodium ions in the food displace aluminum ions. This situation was not available before, because cooking does not put salt. Now aluminum alloy is a mold for making cakes and breads. It has salt inside, so it will precipitate aluminum ions. If the aluminum alloy mold you choose is surface treated, coated, and isolated from aluminum and sodium ions, then it does not matter, you can enjoy the advantages of fast heat transfer of aluminum alloy.

In fact, it is more important to pay attention to the coating problem. Carbon steel is generally treated with non-stick treatment, but we must ensure that the non-stick coating used is certified by food, and aluminum alloy is treated with anodizing, so as long as the surface treatment is proper, we can choose the right one according to the needs. The mold for making a cake.