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About Lamington Cake
- Oct 25, 2018 -

The Lamington cake are considered the “national cake of Australia”.New immigrants will enjoy tea and Remington cake after attending the oath of naturalization,Like the Brownie cake, it is a person's unintentional or mistake, which creates a beautiful mistake. Some people say that this cake full of shredded coconut and chocolate is like a hat worn by the Earl. It is also said that the count's cook accidentally dropped the cake into the chocolate, and later wrapped the cake on the shredded coconut, which was popular with the diners. The third argument is that during the reign of the Governor of Remington, there was a large amount of cake in the kitchen of the Parliament. People divide the cake into small pieces, coated with chocolate, wrapped in shredded coconut, and distributed to members. The last argument is that the Earl of Remington visited the restaurant Toowoomba's Harlaxton House, and the chef took out the cake. The traditional Remington cake is a piece of sponge cake or butter cake, covered with chocolate syrup and wrapped in shredded coconut. Some people will also put cream or jam in the cake, New Zealand prefers strawberry-flavored jam, and Australia prefers lemon flavor.