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5 Minutes To Help You Understand The Baking Mold, Do Not Let The Mold Change Props
- Jun 29, 2018 -

You love to bake, you must not buy a mold. Doing according to the recipe is not so perfect. If there is no problem with the technique and formula, it is likely that your mold is wrong!


Today I'll introduce you to 3 common material cake model points.

Carbon steel + non-stick coating


On behalf of the mold: Cups muffin pan, toast box, pizza pan


Highest temperature resistance: 230°


Features: Many styles, non-stick, corrosion-resistant, slightly lighter than heavy-duty carbon steel, which lies in the difference between material thickness and steel structure, compared with heavy steel, carbon steel is slightly less resistant to steam. Also be careful not to scratch the surface with sharp, sharp objects.


Suitable for baking categories: heavy oil cake, bread, biscuits, pie, pizza


New Xeonflon Xynflon Coating: The water-based new fluorinated process used on the surface, it has excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and long-term non-stick performance.

 20180517144708 拷贝.jpg

Aluminum alloy + anodizing


Representative mold: Chiffon cake mold


Highest temperature resistance: 250°


Features: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, fast and uniform heat transfer, saving baking time; good at climbing, not easy to oxidize, can be used repeatedly. Be sure to choose the regular "anodic treatment process".