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Kitchenware Hangover
- Apr 17, 2018 -

First, avoid using paint or carving chopsticks chopsticks. The paint on the chopsticks contains lead, benzene and other chemicals that are harmful to health. The sculpted bamboo chopsticks look beautiful, but they are filthy, prone to bacteria and difficult to clean.

Second, avoid using all kinds of color porcelain condiments. The condiment is best filled with glassware. Color porcelain contains lead, benzene and other pathogenic and carcinogenic substances. With the ageing and decay of color porcelains, the lanthanum in the pattern pigments is contaminated with food and harmful to the human body.

Third, avoid iron pot boiled green beans. Because green beans contain elemental tannins, iron will turn into black tannins under high temperature conditions, making mung bean soup black, with a special odor, which not only affects appetite, taste, but also harmful to the human body.

Fourth, avoid stainless steel or iron pot wolfberry medicine. Due to the variety of alkaloids and various biochemical substances contained in Chinese medicines, under the heating conditions, a variety of chemical reactions may occur with stainless steel or iron, which may cause the drugs to fail and even cause some toxicity.

5. Do not use Wubaimu or odor-rich wood as chopping board. Wubaimu contains odors and toxic substances. Using it as a cutting board not only pollutes the dishes, but also easily causes vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Therefore, the preferred wood for folk cutting boards is Ginkgo, Gleditsia, Birch and Willow.