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How to choose a cookie baking tray?
- Oct 24, 2018 -

1.Water separation

Water separation is the primary consideration. Baking trays are used to hold baked products. Non-stick baking trays are the first, so when you choose a baking tray, be sure to check if it is water-free. A good water-free baking tray is easier when the cake or bread is demoulded. On the contrary, it will stick the baking tray and destroy the beauty and integrity of the cake.

2. Coating properties

Coating is also one of the important properties of the non-stick baking tray. The material of the coating determines its good performance. Therefore, it is necessary to polish the eyes when selecting, and choose the coating that is recognized and tempered by the public.

3. Heat resistance

Heat resistance is a characteristic that every baking utensil should have. The difference between the quality and the disadvantage is whether the degree of heat resistance and time will affect it. This is crucial.

4.The thickness of the baking tray

Most of the baking trays sold in supermarkets are very thin and light, so it is easy to deform under the high temperature baking of the oven, which makes the cookies unevenly heated. A thicker baking tray can make the cookies slowly heat up and form a beautiful color. Although this type of baking tray is more expensive, it is worth it because it allows you to bake beautiful and even cookies and is very durable. Therefore, if you often bake cookies, it is best to choose this baking tray. Of course, if you are learning to roast cookies for the first time, you can also choose a thinner one. It is not too late to buy a good cookie after you fall in love with the cookies.


2. The size of the baking tray

During the baking process, the cookies need enough space to swell. This means you need to buy a larger baking tray to order a certain amount of cookies. This will prevent them from sticking together. Of course, the most important thing is that the size of the baking tray should match the size of your home oven. It's important to remember that the baking tray you buy is two inches shorter than the internal specifications of the oven to ensure the flow of heat and air, allowing you to bake a perfect cookie.

3.The color of the baking tray

The color of the baking tray is dark, light and shiny. Dark baking trays absorb heat faster, and it is easy to bake biscuits and even scorch. Also don't pick a light-colored non-stick baking pan, because the cookies baked in this baking tray will be too dry. Finally, do not pick the shiny plates on the surface because they reflect heat and make the cookies unevenly heated. All in all, the best choice is the light-colored dull aluminum baking tray. Although they are not very good looking, the baked cookies are really the best.

 In summary, in the process of our selection, as long as this as a ruler to make a choice, I believe you can choose a cost-effective and suitable baking tray.