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Advantages of high temperature resistant baking tray
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Baking pan high temperature resistant coating is composed of special high temperature resistant resin, various heat resistant high temperature pigments and fillers, special additives, long-term resistance to 200-900 ° C high temperature, and keeps the color unchanged. The paint has room temperature drying and high temperature resistance, excellent machinery. Performance, widely used for surface protection of hot steel parts in baking trays.


The baking tray with high temperature resistant paint has contact with open flame, no smoke, no odor, high temperature oxidation resistance, rust resistance, non-toxic, and European and American food standards.


Color appearance: black matte, semi-dumb (or customer specified)

Drying conditions: 180-280 ° C / 30-10 minutes

Recommended thickness: 20-30μm

Adhesion: 1-2

Impact resistance: ≥

Hardness : ≥2H

Solid content : ≥50%

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